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StockGui Class Reference

#include <stockgui.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StockGui (Stock *const stock)
 ~StockGui ()
Gtk::Label * getLabelWkn () const
Gtk::Label * getLabelBuyingDate () const
Gtk::SpinButton * getSpinButtonAmount () const
Gtk::SpinButton * getSpinButtonBuyingRate () const
Gtk::Label * getLabelPurchaseValue () const
Gtk::SpinButton * getSpinButtonPurchaseCost () const
Gtk::SpinButton * getSpinButtonCurrentMarketPrice () const
Gtk::Label * getLabelDayPerformance () const
Gtk::Label * getLabelTotalMarketValue () const
Gtk::Label * getLabelOverallPerformance () const
Gtk::Button * getButtonInfo () const
Gtk::Button * getButtonChart () const
void update (const Subject *const subject)

Detailed Description

The Gui elements belonging to a specific Stock
Michael Otto

Definition at line 34 of file stockgui.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StockGui::StockGui Stock *const    stock


stock a Stock

Definition at line 29 of file stockgui.cpp.

References update().



Definition at line 85 of file stockgui.cpp.

References Subject::detach().

Member Function Documentation

Gtk::Button * StockGui::getButtonChart   const

Returns the chart button.

chart button

Definition at line 185 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Button * StockGui::getButtonInfo   const

Returns the info button.

info button

Definition at line 178 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelBuyingDate   const

Returns the buying date label.

buying date label

Definition at line 115 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelDayPerformance   const

Returns the day performance label.

day performance label

Definition at line 157 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelOverallPerformance   const

Returns the overall performance label.

overall performance label

Definition at line 171 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelPurchaseValue   const

Returns the purchase value label.

purchase value label

Definition at line 136 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelTotalMarketValue   const

Returns the total market value label.

total market value label

Definition at line 164 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::Label * StockGui::getLabelWkn   const

Returns the wkn label.

wkn label

Definition at line 108 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::SpinButton * StockGui::getSpinButtonAmount   const

Returns the amount spinbutton.

amount spinbutton

Definition at line 122 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::SpinButton * StockGui::getSpinButtonBuyingRate   const

Returns the buying rate spinbutton.

buying rate spinbutton

Definition at line 129 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::SpinButton * StockGui::getSpinButtonCurrentMarketPrice   const

Returns the current market price spinbutton.

current market price spinbutton

Definition at line 150 of file stockgui.cpp.

Gtk::SpinButton * StockGui::getSpinButtonPurchaseCost   const

Returns the purchase cost spinbutton.

purchase cost spinbutton

Definition at line 143 of file stockgui.cpp.

void StockGui::update const Subject *const    subject [virtual]

Update method.

subject the Subject object

Implements Observer.

Definition at line 299 of file stockgui.cpp.

References Stock::getAmount(), Stock::getBuyingDate(), Stock::getBuyingRate(), Stock::getCurrentMarketPrice(), Stock::getName(), Stock::getPurchaseCost(), and Stock::getWkn().

Referenced by StockGui().

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