gstockcalc takes care of your custody account(s) and your stocks.
It is mainly for the german stock market, but can also be used for other marketplaces.
You are able to manage your account(s); add/remove marketplaces and of course add/remove stocks.
gstockcalc calculates losses and earnings and can display a 30 day chart for each stock.

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  • 2003/09/27 The developement has kind of stalled in the last couple of months. Other things had kept me busy. I will try to do some more code work in the next weeks. For now I have added a new "minor" release. Just a bit of code has changed and linked the binary against newer libraries. For rpm users I added the the corresponding package, I just used alien to convert my deb's to rpm's (if that's the wrong way, leave me a note :-) !).
  • 2003/04/27 gstockcalc 0.17.5 has been released.
  • 2003/04/01 Another minor release (0.17.4) is out. Like in the last release (0.17.3) some internal routines and data representations have changed.
  • 2003/03/02 I rewrote some internal routines for this release (0.17.3). For the end-user there hasn't changed much, concerning the gui and the features.
  • 2003/02/18 gstockcalc 0.17.2 is out. I fixed some bugs and 2 memory leaks!
  • 2003/02/01 I just finished a new minor release 0.17.1 and made a little statistic.
  • 2003/01/29 The final release of version 0.17 is out! The screenshot has also been updated.
  • 2003/01/20 Thanks to the first bug report from sickboy, I was able to eliminate some errors in the code. So here is release0.17pre3.
  • 2003/01/18 Another pre-release (pre2) of the version 0.17 is out. The upcoming final version 0.17 isn't too far away.
  • 2003/01/17 Just a quick note: I fixed the problems occuring during the compilation of the release 0.17pre1using the g++/gcc (>=3.2.2) compiler.
  • 2003/01/15 There is a new release to be downloaded from the servers. It is the the first pre-release of the next major release 0.17.
  • 2003/01/03 Happy New Year! Once again there is a new release of gstockcalc. The major new feature is the 30 days performance chart (of course you have to have saved the values for the past 30 days!). Also take a look at the new screenshot.
  • 2002/11/06 a new release: version 0.16pre1; for changes check the Changelog file in the package or in the download section; a new screenshot and Package for Debian (unstable required) are also available.
  • 2002/11/03 first beta release: version 0.15
  • earlier: versions 0.10 - 0.15pre2

Michael Otto


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